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If you are looking to enhance your productivity and optimize the efficiency of your business, our collaborative platform designed for work teams is what you need!

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What does it offer?

Integration with Artificial Intelligence, a NEW feature!

It includes among its functionalities an artificial intelligence chat based on ChatGPT, wich is the most advanced natural language model on the market.

NosWork holds the key to maximizing your team's potential.


A single conversational interface to access all of the company's information and systems. It utilizes personal documents, and those shared with the user, as a meansto identify relevant information, provide accurate and contextualized answers.

Information search and verification

It performs searches on both Internet databases and business systems, facilitating the process of obtaining information from various sources.

Next-level task automation

Each user can execute automated tasks through the chat, saving time and effort on repetitive actions. They can simply ask to perform tasks such as sending emails, creating appointments, generating reports, and more.

Improved user experience

It integrates with office automation tools to enhance the user experience by checking writing, suggesting spelling and grammatical corrections, and enabling more effective expression.

Every tool and resource you need to grow your business.

The ultimate solution to boost productivity, offering a revolutionary experience in communication and collaboration. It is seamlessly integrated within our suite of solutions, enriching and optimizing the work of every user.

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Documents, presentations and spreadsheets

This workspace is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed for collaborative work, allowing users to collaborate, review, edit, and co-create various types of presentations and documents. Regardless of their location, its functionalities facilitate teamwork and streamline work processes.


Integration with other IT tools

It integrates more than a dozen tools for the efficiency and comfort of its users. Performing the usual office functions will not require the installation of different software.

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Email, Chat, Calendar, online meetings with screen sharing and recording (+200 participants)

The integration of digital questionnaires, e-mail, chat, audio and video calls will improve communication flows between the company's employees and also with external customers.


Shared storage with version control

Creating work plans and tracking tasks has never been easier. The management of work plans, tasks, and projects can be done both individually and collaboratively, all within the same space.

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Granular access control

It facilitates user management by storing employee information such as addresses, phone numbers, projects, subordinations, and roles. This data is utilized for creating mailing lists, chat groups, and assigning permissions based on individual responsibilities.


A secure and customizable workspace

Its development adheres to national and international cybersecurity protocols. We utilize open-source technologies such as NextCloud, iRedmail, Adwebmanager, and Onlyoffice, along with free software, to create an independent, customizable, and secure workspace.

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Mobile applications

Full access from mobile devices

With your mobile device, you can create, edit, and share documents in real-time with your team members. You can also answer emails and receive calendar notifications to ensure you don't miss any important events.


Experience the boundless flexibility of our collaborative space, where you can customize and add functionalities that perfectly align with your team's needs. Unlock maximum efficiency and productivity with a collaborative space designed exclusively for you.


Collaborate in real-time with your team, efficiently creating, editing, and sharing documents. Our platform offers advanced features including version control and comments, making collaboration and idea exchange effortless. Simplify your work processes and focus on what truly matters: achieving exceptional teamwork!


Our platform is designed to facilitate effective communication among team members. With advanced features like spam filters and organizational tools, you can easily manage your inbox and stay connected, enabling efficient collaboration to achieve your group's goals effortlessly.

Activity log

Stay informed about your team's progress and foster transparency in all your projects. With real-time updates and detailed analytics, you can accurately track progress, identify potential roadblocks, and keep your team on the path to success. Say goodbye to confusion and embrace a new level of project management and collaboration!

Collaborative multimedia experience

Embark on a new era of team media creation. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly create, edit, and share videos, images, and other content with your team members. With advanced features like automatic file sync and seamless sharing, you can collaborate seamlessly, adding style and creativity to achieve your team's goals. Discover the ultimate collaborative media creation experience!


Elevate your team's collaboration and efficiency with chat. With features like instant messaging and file sharing, you can seamlessly work together, regardless of your location. Bid farewell to lengthy email chains and embrace a new era of effective and streamlined communication, ensuring your team stays connected and productive around the clock.


Our Calendar feature keeps you organized and in control of your schedule like never before. With features such as event scheduling and reminders, staying on top of your work and personal commitments has never been easier. Say goodbye to missing important meetings and deadlines, as our simplified calendar approach ensures you stay on track and never miss a beat.


We provide a user-friendly solution for organizing tasks, offering a wide range of features including attachments, comment threads, activity tracking, and effortless sharing. Say goodbye to cluttered task management! Experience a new era of simplified and efficient collaboration that empowers you to achieve your goals with ease and confidence.


Our Forms feature simplifies the process of gathering feedback, conducting surveys, and collecting data from team members and customers. With customizable templates and automatic data analysis, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions for your business. Prepare to enter a new era of efficient, data-driven collaboration and growth.


Our Notes app assists you in capturing and organizing your ideas, thoughts, and meeting notes all in one convenient place. With features such as note synchronization and easy sharing, you can collaborate seamlessly and ensure your team stays on the same page. This efficient and organized note-taking platform unleashes your creativity and empowers you to achieve your goals.


It's a powerful tool for managing your to-do list and staying on top of your workload. With features such as task assignment and progress tracking, you can stay organized and drive your team towards success. This streamlined and efficient task management solution provides the confidence and ease you need to achieve your goals.

NosWork: One-click solutions.

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